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The Society for Personalized Nano-Medicine (SPNM) aims to tailor medical intervention to patient- and disease- specific needs. Founded in 2013 as a non-for-profit organization, the mission of the SPNM is to: promote research, serve as a source of information on current applications of nanotechnology and foster exchange of information and ideas on personalized Nano-Medicine. Our vision and goal are to bring cross-disciplinary research to come together as a society in order to expand our understanding of current applications of nanotechnology. These includes reconstructive surgery, targeted therapy, the latest research on nano-devices, drug development and delivery, and the use of microelectronics and high precision lithography for the production of nano-composites for personalized medical use. SPNM will also promote translational research that focuses on the interactions of the human immune system, substance abuse, HIV infection and cancer in order to create a solid ground for the development and application of groundbreaking nano-medical devices and systems for superior diagnostic and treatment .

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John Rock, MD
Carolyn Runowicz, MD
Howard S. Fox, MD, PhD
Andrés Gil, PhD
Amir Mirmiran, PhD, P.E.
Jeffrey Horstmyer, MD
Patrick O’Leary, MD
Jorge Riera, PhD
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